Rotisserie Menu

The Rotisserie Menu features 3 course meals with the main course cooked on our 8-spit Rotisserie or on our outside BBQ. Click here for the menu.



Our feasts are served to tables in large dishes for sharing, often with one of the guests being chosen to carve a whole joint. Click the links below to see the menus;



Canapé will be served during the Reception drinks before the main meal. There is a great value Canapé Package which can simply be swapped for a Starter on the Rotisserie menus. Click here for the menu.


Afternoon Tea

Why not have something different at your wedding and have our afternoon tea served on our vintage crockery. Click here for the menu.


Evening Meal

Our evening menus provide a top-up feed later on. Click here for the menu.


Baz and Fred

Looking for something fun and different in the evening? What about Baz and Fred’s pizzas – sliced up and served on boards whilst you dance!


We had an uncountable number of comments praising the food, ‘The best wedding meal they’d ever had’ was the most common


Lots of guests have commented on the food and said how amazing it was. We completely agree – the smoked salmon was a particular highlight to me and the pork (plus potatoes!!)