TOP TIP: What Your Wedding Guests Really Want…

It’s all very well and good saying that your big day is for you and your spouse, so at the end of the day all decisions should come down to want you want, and to an extent that’s true. However, not every couple wants to throw a wedding that is just for them – they are in fact concerned with what their wedding guests really want out of the happy event and quite rightly so.

If you’ve done your guest list right, your wedding guests are going to consist of your nearest and dearest – family and friends that you wouldn’t want to celebrate this moment without. Considering that, it’s no great surprise that you might be thinking about what to include in your big day for your wedding guests to enjoy.

We’ve all been to weddings that were a little less than fun and that’s almost certainly not the kind of day you’re aiming for! Ensure that your wedding guests have an amazing time at your wedding, by making it one to remember.

TOP TIP: Choose a Relaxed Venue

Stately homes and fancy halls can look fabulous in photos, but the sad truth is that no one really enjoys attending a wedding where the whole atmosphere is a bit uptight. Wedding guests are looking for an excuse to let their hair down, not grand surroundings where they have to endure being on their very best behaviour.

Going for a relaxed vibe doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on beauty though. Our barn is utterly gorgeous, yet informal – the best of both worlds! You and your guests will feel like you’re celebrating in serious style, but if you spill a drink on the dance floor, it’s not the end of the world. Phew!

TOP TIP: Save on Favours, Spend on Booze

Wedding favours are a cute tradition, but unless you’ve got something really personal or creative in mind, your wedding guests just aren’t that fussed. Most token wedding favours are discarded pretty early on or forgotten about altogether when it’s time to leave, so save yourself the time and expense of getting everyone a bag of almonds and instead, put that extra cash behind the bar.

Wedding guests are far more appreciative of booze than they are of favours, so why not give them want they really want?

TOP TIP: Thoughtful Touches

If you’re going by the book, some weddings can end up feeling a little sterile, so make yours personal with some thoughtful touches for your guests. This doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, it could be something as simple as having some old photos of you together with your guests put onto their tables, handwritten notes thanking them for coming or, if you are keen on having favours, giving them something they can actually use – like a hangover kit, or fold up pumps for the ladies.

TOP TIP: Serve Late Night Snacks

Weddings can be quite exhausting and all that activity and excitement works up an appetite! You might not feel hungry, thanks to those wedding day nerves, but your wedding guests definitely will – even if they were there for the big meal!

After a while of drinking and dancing, your guests are going to start feeling the need for a late night snack, so indulge them, rather than having that be their cue to leave. We have the fabulous Baz N Fred's ready to order to our venue when hunger strikes, which always goes down a treat.

TOP TIP: Instil That Party Vibe

There’s no need to have your sit down meal feel like a sombre affair – don’t be afraid to liven it up a bit! After the ceremony, you’ll all be feeling wired and excited, so keep that upbeat feeling going with dance-inducing music playing upon entry to your dinner hall and keep the meal informal. We serve feasts in huge sharing bowls and plates, rather than stuffy little portions, along with table-side meat carving. This is a great way to keep people chatting and energy levels up.

TOP TIP: Avoid Interruptions

You are of course going to want to have some traditions and interruptions to the proceedings, such as speeches, first dance and cake cutting, but try to keep them minimal. There’s no need to have poor old dad droning away for 15 minutes or to make everyone stop what they’re doing to watch you newly weds have your photos taken as you cut the cake, so keep things short and sweet and don’t force people to pay attention if they don’t want to.

TOP TIP: A wedding website can save you money

Welcome to the 21st century! A world in which the ‘wedding website’ is a bit of a must for couples getting hitched. Don’t feel bad if you’re unfamiliar with the idea of a wedding website (and yes, it is a different thing entirely from a registry site) – it’s only really just started taking off in the world of weddings and boy, are you going to be glad it is.

Having a wedding website is pretty ingenious really, as at the simple click of a few buttons, you’ll be left with something that will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Don’t worry if you’re not adept at all things online – there are many wedding website builders out there who will do all the hard work for you. All you really need to do is select your template, decide what you want to do with it…and away you go!


A wedding website is your online hub for basically every aspect of your wedding. It’s where you guests can go to find out all of the important details for the day, your gift registry and it can even send out digital invites, receive RSVPs and dietary requirements and then send out thank you notes when you’re done. Sounds pretty great, right? That’s because it most definitely is!


Yup, that’s right, something as simple as setting up your wedding website can make a real difference to your overall spend. You would be surprised (or should I say horrified?) at the amount printing up and sending out save the date cards, invites and thank you cards can be. When we’re talking about 100-250 guests, it’s a fairly distressing price tag! By going digital you’ll save yourself a big load of cash and you’ll be doing the planet a favour too – it’s all about paperless these days.

TOP TIP: Change of plan? Just update your info!

Oh the joys of being able to upload new notifications! It’s a fairly common thing for something to change during the course of your wedding planning and when you’re communicating individually, using pen and paper, this can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. If you have a wedding website on the other hand – easy peasy! All you need to do is add more info and invite your guests to take a look. Better yet, it means that you can send out invites before you’ve actually got every last detail sorted – just have a ‘coming soon’ or ‘TBC’ note under certain sections and update accordingly. Perfect!

TOP TIP: Link to your registry

Your wedding website is the ideal place to have the link to your wedding registry, for all of those guests who want to buy you a special something to celebrate your day. This is a lovely, non-invasive way to direct people to your wish list – it’s poor wedding etiquette to push your gift list onto your guests via your invites, so this is a great way to do it instead.